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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

At Cascade Crest Transitions (CCT), Academic and Career Coaches play a unique and essential role in supporting young adults through real-life successes and struggles on their journeys toward independence. The Academic Coach is a principal member of each student’s treatment team, working alongside the primary Therapist and Case Manager to provide comprehensive, individualized support for CCT students. Their role as a coach and mentor is fundamental toward students clarifying and working toward their academic and vocational goals. This position has been an essential aspect of CCT’s offerings since the foundation of the program.

Every student at CCT is assigned to one of four Academic Coaches: Alice Shaprio (Academic Director), Craig Brauner, Eric Jacobs-Nicholls, and Carli Smythe. Each has come to CCT with their own unique interests, backgrounds, and styles of connecting with students. All are skillful educators who are passionate about empowering the young adults of the program.

“We are so blessed to have a team of incredibly dedicated, talented advisors for our students! Their individual passions and journeys toward this career path make them uniquely qualified to meet a wide range of student interests. And, as a team, we lean into each other’s strengths to offer every student the benefit of our commitment to their success, regardless of whose caseload they may be assigned.” ~ Alice Shapiro, Academic Director

In addition to individual support, the Academic and Career Coaches teach group classes to all students at CCT, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and a variety of independent-living skills courses, such as Personal Money Management, Careers and Goal Setting & Time Management. These classes are opportunities for students to practice valuable life skills while receiving honest and supportive feedback in the process. As students grow in their independence, the Academic Coach continues to be a significant pillar of support during their participation at CCT.

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