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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

three sisters wilderness area covered in snow and sunshine

At CCT, families are asked to attend one workshop during their young adult’s program. The workshop is a three-day multi-family therapeutic experience offered five times a year.

The Parent Workshop is designed to support families in strengthening their relationships to support their young adult in transitioning to healthy independent adulthood. Dr. Sean Roberts explains, “The focus of the parent workshop is on improving the health of the entire family system and to establish the groundwork for an adult-to-adult relationship between our clients and their parents.” The layout of the workshop presents Parents the opportunity “to connect with other families while gaining skills and increased awareness into their own work.” Dr. Roberts continues to describe that, “once the parents have acquired those skills the young adults join us as we dive into multi-family experiential work.” Overall, Dr. Roberts adds that, “the three day experience is supportive, challenging, unique, and rich. I always leave a workshop in awe of the vulnerability and commitment to personal growth our clients and families exhibit!”

In addition, families have the time to connect with their young adults core team, comprised of the student’s primary therapist, academic/vocational advisor, case manager and parent specialist. The workshops runs Wednesday through Friday and parents are welcome and encouraged to extend their stay over the weekend to exploring Bend and bonding with their young adult.

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