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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

photo of mountains in south america

April 2019

Hola, We just completed our 3rd international service trip in Peru. We joined with Global Leadership Adventures to help with logistics and to set up service work for our travel and adventure. We had 5 days of fulfilling service work, whether we were doing physical labor at the site of a future school for middle school age students, playing and assisting in bilingual teaching with 4-5 year old local kids at the school or creating Christmas gifts (frames and cards) for the community to help raise money, we all felt the joy of giving and being part of positive change!

We also had 3 days of amazing tours that included Historic Cusco, multiple ancient Inca ruins with the climax being Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo. Trips like this help to solidify the messages that we often try to relay and only through experiencing it can it truly sink in. Our first world problems seem so trivial as you experience the challenges of other countries. Yet the gratitude and joy that is felt when visiting such countries becomes contagious and helps to put our challenges in a different light.

We were all GRATEFUL to be a part of the change that we all want to see in the world.

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