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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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Many students who graduate from Cascade Crest Transitions (CCT) benefit from continued support throughout their journeys of wellness and recovery. Summit Phase, the third and final phase of programming at CCT, offers a variety of options for support after graduation. Like summiting a mountaintop, this phase represents both the peak of an adventure and the beginning of a new journey ahead. Whether climbing a mountain or navigating life after treatment, having guidance along the way makes the process feel possible!

Students receive individualized support throughout their experience at CCT. This personalized approach extends past graduation, too. While in Summit Phase, graduates are paired with a Case Manager, who offers weekly check-ins regarding their successes and setbacks on their journeys beyond CCT. Additionally, graduates can choose to continue meeting with their therapist, working with their academic advisor, or receiving drug-tests for continued recovery support.

Though not every exiting student chooses or is eligible to participate in Summit Phase support, there are resources available to all alumni of CCT. Keri Fowler, Summit Phase Case Manager, and Dr. Sean Roberts, Clinical Director, run a monthly alumni group that is available to all former students. Keri also coordinates monthly recreation activities, which are open to all alumni. Past trips have included white-water rafting, NBA basketball games, movie nights, and bowling.

“It is so rewarding to see alumni use real-world application of tools they have learned in CCT. Watching my clients take on life with confidence as alumni is very rewarding,” said Keri Fowler, Summit Phase Case Manager

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