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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

computer screen with several zoom participants

Life at CCT continues as our students are still connecting with their teams- some via Zoom, other team members are dedicated to a house to support classes, MAP work, in-house crafts, exercise and activities.

We had our weekly Business Meeting via Zoom. It included all of students and staff per house and phase, as well as those staff working remote. It was a meeting full of love, support and excitement to connect with one another. We had three students share their phase one overviews, we discussed weekend activities, and connected as a community. We have an amazingly positive and motivated group of students and staff all working together.

One great piece about living in Bend is all of the wide-open spaces we have the access to go and explore. Our students are getting outside daily doing activities such as walking, trail running, playing with our canine team, sledding, staying fit and, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine.

We will be emailing a weekly update to parents and consultants to share an insight as to how we are doing as a community and a program.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah Casson Rush ( or our Program Director, Gregg Andrick ( Stay Positive, Stay Healthy and be well,

-CCT Team

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