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Belay Phase Case Manager 

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Adam grew up in the Great Lakes region, was born in Ohio, and shared much time between Michigan, upstate New York, Minnesota, and Canada. As the child of educators, Adam has found himself immersed in working with others for most of his life. He started to truly define his own path in this during undergrad when he started working for his university outdoor program and running a student outdoor club. These experiences combined with his own journey in mindfulness practices, counseling, and yoga sparked his interest to work with people in transformative ways.


Over the past decade-plus, Adam has worked with adolescents and young adults in a variety of educational and therapeutic endeavors. Within that time Adam moved to Bend in 2013 and also worked for the wilderness therapy programs Second Nature and Evoke for several years as a Field Instructor. Adam has a wealth of passion for life and believes in radical self-love and self-empowerment. He brings this energy to the students he works with through a practice of empathy and understanding while helping folks cultivate greater joy for themselves. Through methods of motivational interviewing and unconditional positive regard, he enjoys the process of being there for others in their time of growth.


In his free time, you can find Adam pursuing many different hobbies and interests. Adam loves any degree of play and sport, and always welcomes some friendly competition. His time in the outdoors is directly tied to his health and wellbeing and he is always grateful for both the stillness and movement in those spaces. He also loves to play music, sing with others, embraces long processes in the kitchen, and values time with community.

His dog, Ochoco, is a proud member of our Canine Clinical Team. 

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