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Founder and Owner

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For 30 years, Sean has worked in leadership positions in wilderness experiential education and young adult transition programs. Sean and his family moved to Bend over twenty years ago; Driven by his desire to provide the best possible experiences for young adults (and their families) who have failed to launch in to healthy independent adulthood, he founded Cascade Crest Transitions. Chief among his beliefs around what makes for a successful treatment experience are:

1. Many young adults thrive best in an environment informed by a dialectical approach; they need to be empowered towards healthy independence while being provided the skills and safe environment to manage their life effectively;

2. With many families, the willingness and ability of the parents to change their approach to parenting their young adult is one the most important predictors of successful treatment outcomes. Parents need support towards this end;

3. The marriage of strong clinical program and challenging academic environment with thoughtful support provides students the opportunity to work on a range of issues beyond those that are critical in college.

These principles, among others motivate Sean to continue to support families as they deal with the challenges of young adulthood.


Sean, along with his wife Crispin, enjoys raising his three children in the one of the most wonderful places on earth. He tries to take advantage of the numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, including skiing, hiking, paddle-boarding and morning runs with his dog Gus.

Sean's dog, Gus, is a proud member of our Canine Clinical Team.

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