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Residential Staff

woman smiling while holding large brown black and white dog

Tatyana has been working with people for the last 16 years coming from a Teaching and Leadership background. She has been working in the mental health world for six of those years . Tatyana can understand the struggles and road bumps that comes with becoming a young adult. She needed a change in her own life direction back in 2014, and choose to go to Pure Life Wilderness Therapy in Costa Rica. She graduated from Pure Life and continued her path of personal growth, and therapy by choosing to transition to CCT in 2015. Tatyana's personal journey and unique experience, relates directly to our students attending CCT.  She is passionate about each individual’s past, present, and future steps.

Tatyana utilizes a compassionate yet boundary-oriented approach and allows each individual space for their own path and decisions. 

Tatyana has lived in Bend for the last eight years, and a place she can now call home. She enjoys finding outdoor adventures with with her dog and enjoys crafting and projects around the house.

Tatyana's dog, Otis, serves on CCT's Canine Clinical Team. Otis was found roaming around the Warm Springs Reservation until he was brought to the humane society. At first he can be a little aloof, but is a goofy dog that will stare into your soul if you have any food. He likes to play with his toys, get pets, and get in the way of anyone walking. 

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