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Celebrating 10 years in 2021!

"I am so proud to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary with all the people who have supported Cascade Crest Transitions in this incredible journey. I am grateful for the trust and support Educational Consultants and Wilderness Programs have shown us over the years. I feel fortunate to have so many dedicated professionals working at CCT who have been a part of the incredible work we have done with young adults and their families over the years."

- Sean Fievet, Owner and Founder

Cascade Crest Transitions

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Cascade Crest Transitions is a program designed specifically to work and empower young adults. Our students are ages 18-23 and are struggling in their launch to become healthy, independent adults. A typical profile of our students’ challenges might include: difficulty sustaining healthy relationships, problematic mood and anxiety related issues, mild learning disorders, lack of social confidences, and motivation, and drug /alcohol use. We offer a setting in which students develop healthy, independent-living skills, while receiving support and supervision from our licensed therapists, academic advisors, and dedicated independent living staff.


Cascade Crest Transitions differentiates itself from other transitional programs for young adults by providing academic support in a transitional setting. The combination of strong academics with therapeutic and clinical support creates a safe environment for young adults to experience success and failure with real world scenarios. Cascade Crest Transitions offers a unique program setting strong both academically and clinically.

Our Transitional Program

the three phases of cascade crest transitions


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The Cascade Crest Transitions program is structured into two distinct phases and an Alumni phase to help our young adult students effectively transition into healthy adulthood. The Summit Phase is available to Alumni students.

Belay Phase – During the initial three to four month phase, students are introduced to and practice healthy living habits in all dimensions of their lives.

Ascent Phase – After completing the Belay Phase, students move into a six-month structured independent living experience where they practice the healthy habits and skills they have learned with support and supervision from program staff.

Summit Phase – Alumni, or aftercare, phase of the program provides students individual therapy, academic mentoring and drug-screening as they transition to life as a fully independent young adult.

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Located in the heart of Central Oregon, Bend provides the ideal community for young adults participating in the Cascade Crest Transitions program. Bend offers students easy access to a variety of recreational opportunities, education and college resources and a strong community feeling in a mild four-season climate.



  • Easy access to the Three Sisters mountains, as well as Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson

  • Outdoor pastimes including golfing, fishing, cycling, kayaking, whitewater rafting, camping, rock climbing and hiking, skiing and snowboarding

  • Over 290 days of sunshine and an average of 12 inches of precipitation per year

  • Thriving arts, music and culture scene, as well as fine dining and shopping options

  • Central Oregon Community College and OSU Cascades for higher education

With its small size, Bend provides the perfect location for young adults to learn how to more effectively deal with life’s challenges, grow more confident in their abilities and develop a healthy lifestyle that will serve them for years to come.



One contributing factor that sets Cascade Crest Transitions apart from other programs for at-risk young adults comes in our success oriented emphasis on academics and career preparation. Cascade Crest Transitions integrates a strong emphasis on both clinical treatment and academics, whereas wilderness education and residential transitional programs may not offer same educational opportunities.


At Cascade Crest we provide students with a supportive, but honest assessment of their strengths and struggles as we empower them to take ownership of their lives. Upon enrollment in our program, students are assigned an Academic Advisor, who is a primary member of their treatment team, who will coach each student toward their academic and career goals. Your student’s relationship with the academic advisor continues throughout their stay and participation in the Cascade Crest program.

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