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 Adults 24 to 30

EMERGE is a comprehensive adult mental health program designed to provide support, resources, and guidance for clients ages 24 to 30. These adults often struggle with consistency in their education and/or vocation, anxiety, depression, overuse of technology, detachment from community, and have overall loss of motivation. Emerge focuses on empowering adults to gain self-awareness, build resilience, and develop healthy coping strategies to successfully navigate the complexities of adulthood.  

The program is staffed by a team of experienced mental health professionals, including therapists, case managers, and academic/vocational coaches who work collaboratively to provide individualized care tailored to each participant's unique needs. 

Key components of the Emerge program include: 


Independent Living: Adults in Emerge live in a single-family home in the heart of Bend, OR. Each client has their own room with a shared living space to create community and obtain support from their peers. Their case manager is present during the day to ensure clients receive guidance and practice accountability.  

Individual Therapy: Participants engage in weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed therapist to explore their emotions, thoughts, growth, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. 

Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions are offered once a week and provide space for participants to connect with peers facing similar challenges, share their experiences, and learn from one another in a non-judgmental, supportive setting. 

Life Skills: Emerge offers coaching of essential life skills which include stress management, DBT skills, self-efficacy, executive functioning, tech management, recovery support, and goal setting to help enhance the client's overall well-being and independence. 


Family Support: Emerge recognizes the importance of family involvement, therefore, we offer bi-weekly family therapy sessions and a three-day multi-family workshop to allow space for you and your adult to grow together. These opportunities promote understanding, create trust, enhance communication, and provide the skills to help build and maintain a healthy family system.  

Aftercare Planning: Emerge supports participants in developing personalized aftercare plans to ensure continuity of care and ongoing support as clients transition out of the program. 

The mission of Emerge is to empower adults and their families to become more skillful, resilient, and independent in pursuit of their life goals.  

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