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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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We are thrilled to announce Cassidy Miller is joining Cascade Crest Transitions as a Parent Specialist! As a Parent and Young Adult Specialist, Cassidy utilizes her experiences in treating individuals and families with lifespan developmental issues associated with mental illness and addiction-related mental health issues.

Cassidy has practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings including case management in community-based mental health clinics for at-risk youth and their families, continuing care programs focused on addiction and trauma recovery for young adults. For the past six years Cassidy worked in wilderness therapy as an individual and family psychotherapist.

Cassidy’s work in wilderness therapy began when she was a field instructor for 4 years at Evoke. Throughout her years completing undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology she maintained a presence with Evoke as a speaker and co-facilitator for parent support groups and workshops in both Los Angeles and Marin, California.

Her primary population within these positions has been young adults with varied clinical presentations (mood disorder, addiction disorder, personality disorder and failure to thrive issues) related to issues of attachment, trauma and unresolved family of origin experiences.

Beyond direct clinical work Cassidy has trained in the areas of program development and team building. In each of her positions Cassidy has been responsible for the supervision and training of support staff. She understands the value of collaborative treatment and engaged leadership among treatment teams. She invests in the development of the staff working with her clients so as to meaningfully guide each part of the therapeutic process.

“I have worked with and known Cassidy for many years and we are thrilled to add someone with her expertise, compassion, and skill to our team. Cassidy will provide clinical support for CCT families to allow them to grow alongside their sons and daughters”. – Dr Sean Roberts, Clinical Director at CCT.

Cassidy’s background in family systems and existential therapy informs her deep curiosity and attunement for the role of attachment and trauma in human development and the process of healing. Cassidy often incorporates alternative practices in therapy such as yoga, systematic breathing, meditative practice and creative expression with the understanding that through these efforts her clients have the opportunity to know, heal and develop their whole selves.

As a passionate student of life and people Cassidy is in constant pursuit of education and knowledge in critical areas of psychology such research in the areas of neuroscience, neurofeedback, body-based therapies for trauma and interpersonal neurobiology. Cassidy also enjoys spending time outside hiking and exploring with her trusted sidekick, her dog, Jack. She loves music, songwriting, singing, the ocean and seeing great movies.

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