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Maddie Nelson LCSW


woman and dog smiling while standing in the ocean sand.jpeg

Maddie Nelson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to the Windy City in her late teens to be a part of a greater community. While living in Chicago, Maddie worked in a variety of settings such as crisis centers, foster care agencies, community mental health agencies, and hospitals. Maddie enjoyed incorporating nature into her client’s therapy to promote holistic healing therapy but as one might be able to imagine, Chicago is not known for its organic natural beauty. She discovered Bend, Oregon while googling “beautiful sunny places to live”. Google was right!


Since moving to Bend, Maddie has been able to experience the beautiful creations mother nature has to offer. Maddie continues to incorporate nature in her treatment as she believes it is a core tool for overall wellbeing. Maddie firmly believes that healing incorporates physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and environmental wellness. Her approach is relational and humanistic at its core. She is dedicated to offering individualized care to her clients and their families and utilizes a variety of clinical modalities which complement her core belief that we are all are capable of independence, love, connection, and agency. 


During her free time, Maddie enjoys spending time with her dog, Phil Dunphey. They can be found exploring the downtown area during the day and catching Bend’s beautiful sunsets at Pilot Butte at night. Maddie also enjoys hiking, barre classes, and learning to surf on the coast. 

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